Entrepreneurship Advice for the Engineering Industry

The Civil Engineering Magazine published monthly by the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) regularly contains feature articles on entrepreneurship. The September 2021 issue featured Naomi Naidoo (Founder and Director of Pink Africa Consulting Engineers).

In the interview Naomi shares her motivation to start Pink Africa and highlights some of the challenges and lessons learnt as a young entrepreneur. She founded Pink Africa in November 2016 and started by sub-consulting to larger engineering companies. As time progressed, the Pink Africa team grew and expanded into various disciplines as well.

In the interview Naomi also encourages young engineers to get involved in industry through organisations like SAICE and CESA in order to build a network of engineers to liaise with and form a support structure for each other.

Naomi expressed her immense gratitude for the opportunities given to her by others and stressed that we are all dependent on others in the industry to help us grow. Her advice to hopeful entrepreneurs is to:

  1. Maintain good quality work because this is what represents you and your ability in the industry
  2. Maintain good industry networks because relationships are the key to future work possibilities and in providing industry support structures for your career and business development.
  3. Maintain a good attitude because that’s what keeps you motivated

These are the steppingstones to success, but the most important one is to never lose yourself or compromise your integrity.

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Read the full article here: https://saice.org.za/downloads/monthly_publications/2021/Civil-Engineering-September-2021/50/

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